Meet the Makers

Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorn was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when Baz, the Dirtiest of Unicorns, found his travel agency suddenly… not going anywhere…

In a desire to express himself in a new manner (and suddenly WAY too much time on his hands) he began soaping. In a short time he found that not only was the process both soothing and satisfying but his concoctions and experimentations brought joy to people around him.

A short while later, after a chance meeting he joined MADE Mercantile in beautiful downtown Woodstock, GA where his products quickly became a community staple. After gaining momentum he was soon joined by his Husbicorn, Stoney and the two of them have been making all the things that make life wonderful since.

Most recently, Baz has had the honor of being dubbed “one of the nation’s finest Makers” by becoming a featured competitor on Meet Your Makers Showdown hosted by Crissy Metz, LeAnne Rimes, and Mark Mantano streaming only on discovery+.

Unfortunately, Baz is also a bit risqué and entirely too fond of puns and thus our unique lifestyle brand was given shape.

With each of our lines having a unique design ethos we are certain you’ll soon become a Dirty Unicorn too!

Cherokee Rose Candle Co.

Hi y’all! I’m Amanda Roberts, owner and CEO of Cherokee Rose Candle Company. I started this small business in June of 2019 after making candles for friends and family and realizing I loved the process of creating a high quality candle by hand. I enjoyed making candles in my free time for stress relief while working full time at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. After I became a mom, I transitioned to focusing on my business full time in the summer of 2021. Today, our products can be found in 8 retail stores in both Georgia and Alabama. We also teach candle making classes and run The Candle Bar at Evimero Marketplace in Milton, GA. The growth my business has have seen over the past almost four years has been astounding and I am excited to see our business continue to blossom with your support. Our hope is that our candles bring you joy and make you feel more at home. Thank YOU for helping me live out my dream!

The Pop Up Poppy

Hi! I’m Katelyn. I’m a food stylist at day and florist by night! (Actually on the weekends but shh…)

I’m mama bear to my daughter Ella who is turning out to be the best little florist I know. You’ll most likely get to see her and our crazy go lucky berner bear puppy “Bill Murray” on the truck helping me with sales and handing out sloppy doggy kisses.

I have been in the flower industry on and off now for 20+ years.

My first job ever was at a flower shop in Downtown Roswell back when I was in highschool. It was right up the street from my childhood home and I use to be able to walk to work everyday.

I’ll never forget my first day there, I think I filled water tubes for 8 hours straight while I watched in awe as the designers arranged these amazing creations. From there I was hooked and I fell in love with the art of floral design instantly! It didn’t matter what I was doing or where I went, the flowers and shops always called me back to them.

So, long story short… Here I am with my little flower cart in hopes that I too will bring you the same amount of happiness that the flowers have always brought me.

I’ll be popping up all over the greater Atlanta area to help you create or pick up a bunch of stunning stems. Hope to see you soon!

Follow along for where and when The Poppy will be next.

xo, Katelyn