Meet the Davidsons

Meet the creative power couple with a résumé as eclectic as a thrift store playlist. From Meg’s stints as a TV producer and community advocate, to Brent solving crimes and geeking out on wood grains, they’re the Jack and Jill of all trades. Moving twelve times in eighteen years, the world tour is over, and they’ve planted their roots in Cherokee County. Complete with a seven acre venue and creative haven called Mayberry Acres. The grand plan? Turn it into an oasis for local artisans, photographers, makers, and more, amping up cultural and educational experiences in Woodstock, Canton, and beyond. When they’re not knee-deep in raising two of the world’s coolest teenagers or transforming Mayberry, the Davidsons are soaking in live music, exploring local coffee (tea for Meg!) shops, and diving into outdoor pursuits.